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  1. Gift Box - Small
  2. Gift Box - Large
  3. Mister Fly Koala Rattle
  4. Mister Fly Giraffe Rattle
  5. Barney Bear Stick Rattle
  6. Beatrix Bunny Stick Rattle
  7. Logan the Lion Stick Rattle
  8. Logan the Lion Comforter
  9. Freckles the Fawn Teether
  10. Ezra Sleepy Sloth Rattle
  11. Barney Knitted Mini Bear
  12. Bernard Plush Bunny
  13. Bailee Plush Bunny
  14. Bailee Plush Bunny Comforter
  15. Bentley Plush Bear Comforter
  16. Freckles the Fawn Comforter
  17. Freckles the Fawn
  18. Arthur Stripy Lion Comforter